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Santa Monica Shorts

Santa Monica Short Film Awards is an online annual and a monthly film festival. The festival is dedicated to short filmmaking, independent artists and the cinematic language. The festival selects international and American films and scripts of all genres. The award winners of the month are further considered for the lineup of the annual event in December. Twenty film projects will be selected as the finalists of the annual event and will be screened through LA Independent Film Channel and promoted through various platforms. The winners of each edition can request for online screening through our festival throughout the month. 



Best Director of Santa Monica Shorts:
Ross Kauffman is the Academy Award®-winning filmmaker of the feature documentary BORN INTO BROTHELS. In 2014, Ross directed E-TEAM (co-directing with Katy Chevigny), a documentary about four intrepid human rights investigators and garnered Kauffman the Best Cinematography Award for a Documentary Feature. His latest feature documentary TIGERLAND debuted at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. Ross Kauffman is the best short film director of the second edition of Santa Monica Shorts with his latest documentary film, Waterproof. 

Latest Winners
Second Edition
Announced on May 23rd, 2021

Best U.S. Narrative:
Director: Steve Beta

Best International Narrative:
The Seahorse Trainer
Director: Ricardo Bonisoli, Babak Bina

Best U.S. Documentary:
A Second Chance
Director: Christopher Aumen

Best International Documentary:
Director: Kyle Jaster

Best Short Film Director:

Director: Ross Kauffman

Best Short Film Producer:
Director: Meredith Mantik

Best Short Film Cinematographer:
The Empty Balcony
Dop: Rune Asak

Best Short Film Editor:
The Body of Levi
Editor: Freddy Cheung & Will Dziuk

Best Short Film Composer:
El Montaje (The Montage)
Composer : Juan Cruz Masotta 


Best Short Film Actor:
Starring: Jeff Bosley

Best Short Film Actress:
Amethyst Girl Destiny
Starring: Danielle Hobbs

Best Animation:
The Passerby
Director: Pieter Coudyzer

Best Horror:
The Body of Levi
Director: Freddy Cheung


Best Science Fiction:
Director: Jake Hart

Best Student Film:
Final Deathtination

Director: Marika Tamura

Best Comedy:
A Short Horror Film
Director: Sau Dachi

Best Thriller:
The Pear
Director: Guillermo Cienfuegos


Best Web-Series-Pilot:
Director: Rich Devaney

Best Independent Short:
Director: Derick Thomas

Best Music Video:
LET IT OUT / Stay Homas
Director: Ben Woolf

The Opportunist
Director: Keeley Turner

Best First Time Filmmaker:
Director: Adam Gibson

Best Female Filmmaker:
Jayne & Elvis
Director: Thanh Ingle-Lai

Best Art photo:
Boy Scientist
Director: Susan Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia


Best Black and white photography:
Back to me
Director: Sophie Blondy


Best Unproduced Script:
Bienvenidos a Los Angeles/Welcome to Los Angeles
Writer: Lisa Cole

Best Short Film Poster:

The Blue Pendant